MG ZS EV (Electric) Review

Cheapest family full electric SUV

The MG ZS EV is, as you’ve probably guessed, the fully electric version of the formidably priced, practical and appealing ZS compact family SUV. It’s a little more expensive, whereas the regular ZS starts at just over £15k and tops out at around £20k, this starts at £25k, and the range-topper tested totalled nearly £29k.

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EV Roadtrip! 220 miles in an Electric Car [MG ZS EV]

Real world test to see what it’s like to take an electric vehicle on a longer drive

Yesterday I had to make a work trip that involved a round-trip of over 220 miles. The car I used was a brand new MG ZS EV electric car press vehicle I’ve got for review (stay tuned for that at the later date) with a stated range of 163 miles. So how was this EV roadtrip?

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