Govt Road Charging Consultation Deadline Tomorrow!!

There’s a consultation on Road Charging, and the deadline is 10 March 2023 – get on it now

Unknown to a lot of people, the authorities are not only planning city-wide and possibly even nationwide road-charging, but is opening talking about it, and is now inviting public consultation responses on it. You’d better respond quickly. I only found out yesterday and the deadline is tomorrow Friday 10th March 2023! Here’s the link and below are my responses to the very loaded questions!

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ULEZ News: Proof Pay-Per-Mile Coming! Plus Next Protest Date

Pay-Per-Mile is being Planned – Evidence from TFL website!

I have the date, time, and place for the next Anti-ULEZ Expansion protest, plus proof that Pay-Per-Mile could be coming, based on a report from the TFL website. You thought it was just a conspiracy – it’s not, it’s real. This is why ULEZ impacts EVERYBODY and why we all need to stop it now.

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ULEZ Protest Bromley Market Square [Feb 2023]

Interviews with Councillors (including GLA Assembly member) and Protestors

Report from the Anti-ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) protest this afternoon at Bromely Market Square. We speak to Councillor Colin Smith, Leader of Bromley Council plus Peter Fortune, the Conservative London Assembly Member for Bexley and Bromley, as well as protestors and participants directly affected and concerned by the ULEZ Expansion, due at the end of August this year across the whole of Greater London. Don’t miss the next big protest – which is promising to be HUGE – Trafalgar Square, Saturday 25th February – see you there!

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Official Confirmation That ULEZ Death Claims Are False!

Someone put in a Freedom of Information Act request for the truth

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, keeps claiming that the ULEZ Expansion in August will save 4000 lives. I have already done a video revealing these figures are spurious – find that video below. Meanwhile someone also put in a Freedom of Information Act Request with the Office of National Statistics ( asking “How many deaths are recorded in London as a direct result of car emissions?”

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ULEZ To Expand to Cover the Whole of London from August 2023

And why this is terrible for those hit hardest by cost of living & classic car owners

It’s been confirmed today that London Mayor, Sadiq Khan’s plan to expand the ULEZ (ultra low emissions zone) to over the whole of the Greater London area, will go ahead from 29th August 2023 – that’s next year. This may affect you if you live in the outer London area and own a petrol car built before 2005 and a diesel car built before 2015.

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Stop ULEZ Expansion To M25 in London!

From September 2023 non-ULEZ-compliant cars will have to pay £12.50 a day

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, has proposed plans to expand the ULEZ – Ultra Low Emission Zone – to cover the whole of Greater London right up to the M25. Here’s why its impact will be limited, how it will hurt the poorest the most, why it will kill classic car culture in London, and how to stop it. Urgent action is needed now. This is serious. Share and circulate this video and most importantly tell London’s authorities what you think – do it now, don’t delay!

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