Last Call for Car Journos

I read a comment on Facebook somewhere recently: ‘they’re falling like flies’. And I flinched for a moment, because the flies being referred to, was us. But it’s not too late to save our species though.

Falling like flies

On a wider scale, we’re seeing the erosion of real quality journalism with unfortunate consequences on real world events that will impact us all sooner or later. But I’ve written about all that elsewhere. Today I want to micro this down to automotive media, and further zero-in on our region.

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I was a panellist on a discussion about digital media. Here’s what I should have said…

Last week I was invited by the nice people at Secret PR to come and be a panellist on a discussion entitled: ‘Going Digital: How can we stay relevant in the ever-growing digital world?’

PR Pressure Conference

As a media practitioner and constant student, I found the discussion fascinating and the comments of the fellow panellists and moderator insightful and thought-provoking.

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Micro Influencers: A modern-day David & Goliath story

As the phenomenon of the online ‘Influencer’ continues to develop, a new aspect has emerged – the greater impact, effectiveness and ROI power of the Micro-Influencer.


Everything you think you know about Influencers is wrong. Forget the ones with the hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers, and focus on those with a fraction of the following – the latest data proves it. Here’s why.

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