Post Opulence Rolls-Royce & Post-Pandemic VW + how Mr Fusion & Atomic batteries could save the world!

28072020 #BCGBulletin – an open letter from the Boss of Rolls-Royce, what Volkswagen thinks the future of transport will look like, plus Star Trek, Back to the Future and Batman!

  • All-new Rolls-Royce Ghost is on the way – and the CEO has written an open letter but ‘post-opulence’.
  • Volkswagen gives its insights into what a post-COVID-19 world of transport might look like.
  • A new Institute in the UK will dream up new innovations in motoring and engineering.
  • Lorries that think they’re trams – is that a good idea?

Rolls-Royce Ghost Islamic Art Edition unveiled by Abu Dhabi Motors

Unique one-off Rolls-Royce revealed in Abu Dhabi

A one-off special edition Rolls-Royce Ghost featuring design motifs inspired by Islamic Art has been revealed in the United Arab Emirates, one of the biggest markets for the British luxury car marque.

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