Used Car Sales [& Prices] Booming Now!

Values have been growing year-on-year for 16 months running!

Used car sales and prices in the UK are exploding. According to Autotrader the average price of a used car in July was £14,781 up 14.1% up on last year. And values have been growing for 16 consecutive months. 

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The Cars That Lose the Most Money

And make the Best Used Buys – save up to 60%!

In my last video I highlighted research by driver training outfit Zutobi on the lowest depreciating cars. But they also sent out a list of the cars that depreciated the most – now these are the ones to avoid buying new, but potentially are great bargains used.

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The Cars That Lose The Least Money!

Best New Cars to Put your Cash in

Do you know the only downside of buying a brand new car? It’s the money you lose on it the moment you drive it out of a showroom. They depreciate like a rock chucked down a well. You can lose as much as 35% of the value of some cars in the first year alone!

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