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That time I ran the awards for the Middle East edition of Car Magazine

#FlashBackFriday to over a decade ago when as Editor of the Middle East edition of Car Magazine, I ran our first ever car awards. Unrelentingly hard work, a weighty responsibility, but extraordinarily satisfying and fun. We did several of these, and I even hosted and presented the last edition which was immensely enjoyable. I may be involved in some form of car industry awards again very soon – can’t say any more than that at the moment – but stay tuned. Do make sure you subscribe to this blog!

What makes our COTY Awards special

A number of people have asked me about our Motoring Middle East awards lately as we’ve just started revealing the winners:ย 

2015 Motoring Middle East Car of the Year Awards

They are quite simply, like no other Car of the Year awards, because they don’t have to conform to categories or even a set number of accolades – last year we had 12 winners, this year only 10.ย 

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