Off-road Vs On-road

Pitting the Toyota GT86 against the FJ Cruiser in the UAE Desert

One of our most popular videos – an off-road vs on-road ‘race’! The actual run only took half an hour, but this was filmed over three solid days with a 15-person crew from Case Productions (they also do the crazy Red Bull videos) in association with Toyota in the UAE.

The Trolley Effect!

People kept asking us what happened to the shopping trolleys!

Another example of how we pioneered automotive branded content videos in the Middle East from about four years ago. When we did a three-part series for Lexus UAE introducing the new Lexus RC. They wanted to explain four-wheel steer to customers, so my idea was to employ a couple of shopping trolleys to demonstrate. And yes we did return them to the supermarket afterwards!

To see parts 1 & 3 including an epic burnout click through!

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Short Movie – The Deal

Coming up with creative content strategy on the fly!

Whilst at Motoring Middle East we were commissioned by Cadillac Middle East to do a video explaining the model year updates to the Escalade. I decided to make it a little more interesting, turning it into a short gangster movie – a sort of comedy take on a Guy Ritchie/Tarantino style of story-telling. The client loved it, especially as we did it for the same budget! This is what I do. Check out my profile – I’m currently seeking new opportunities.