7 Bits of Space Tech in our Cars

Here’s a fun rundown of space technology that influences modern cars

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship BCG. It’s ongoing mission: to explore strange new cars, to seek out new tech and new innovations. To boldly go where no BrownCarGuy has gone before. Sorry… can’t help myself.

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Seven Least Likely Automotive Predictions for 2020

Here’s what definitely, positively, certainly will not happen next year. Probably.

I dropped my crystal ball, it shattered internally and now it’s more crystallised than crystal clear. It doesn’t matter; the world is topsy-turvy and there is a massive disturbance in the Force. Well, at least a major upset, worthy of at least a couple of swigs of Pepto-Bismol I’d wager, especially if you’re reading this after Christmas dinner, enthroned upon the old Armitage Shanks!

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Motorists ‘Horrified’ by Autonomous cars

As we motor closer to an era of Computer Chauffeurs, it seems we’re liking the idea less and less

Could you do it? Could you get into a car, program in a destination and then continue to scroll through your Instagram feed, whilst the vehicle autonomously proceeds?

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A mass culling in the future will become necessary for our survival?

A document from the future reveals that radical and horrific measures will be needed in order to ensure the long-term survival of the human race. What’s worst – whether they are carried out or not, won’t even be up to us!


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