You Car Questions Answered by Brown Car Guy!

I get asked motoring questions all the time, so here’s some I compiled!

In this episode I answer questions you’ve asked about the air suspensionn on a Porsche Macan, the quality of Japanese cars, whether to get an Abarth 595, choosing between an Audi S3 and BMW 4 Series, the best car for a newby driver, if 90s BMW saloons would work as daily drivers, essential difference between petrol, diesel, eletric and hybrid and the Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

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Halloween driving tips!

Take care on those spooky roads tonight and heed these driving tips!

There’ll be ghosts and ghouls and all kinds of creepy souls out on the roads tonight as darkness crawls across the land and the demons and spirits revelΒ  and reverie in anticipation of the bewitching hour, so beware if you find yourself fearful at the wheel and heed these tips to protect yourselves from the evil the lurks around every corner!

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Hot Weather Driving Guide!

How to handle the heat as the tarmac melts and cars turn into ovens

It’s hotter than a smouldering Angelina Jolie (from β€˜Wanted’) serving flaming Vato Loco laced with Ghost Chilli at a bar deep in the muggy back alleys of hell frequented by the fire-belching El Diablo himself, whilst in her birthday suit.

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