I Fall out of a Lambo Countach at Salisbury Pop-Up Car Show

Cool Cars & Crazy Antics [British Motor Show] w/ Sam Hard

Video from yesterday at the British Motor Show Pop-Up at Marshall BMW in Salisbury with Tim Shaw of CAR S.O.S @NationalGeographicUK and Sam Hard of Hard Up Garage where I put my 1989 BMW 325i SE E30 on display ( #BCGBMWE30 ) – Cool cars, amazing interviews, crazy antics – watch now!

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Supercars Sideways & on Show

At Brands Hatch with Drivers Union! [May 2023]

I was invited to commentate for Supercar Club, Driver’s Union, live demo display as part of its showcase meet-up at Brands Hatch on Sunday 14th May 2023 – I took my 1989 BMW 325i SE (E30) along and got to display it among some incredible supercars, where it got a surprising amount of attention. But nothing beats the sights and sounds of supercars on the move and there was plenty of that, including some crazy sideways action. Watch now!

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