FlashBackFriday to when I first drove a Civic Type-R

As I’m testing the current Honda Civic Type-R here’s the pants-soiling story of when I first drove one!

#FlashBackFriday to the first time I drove a Type-R – it was at the UK launch of the EP3 Civic Type-R in 2001 on the Isle of Man, where we got to thrash it on the TT Course with the roads closed off just for us, and Police Honda Accord Type-R sweep cars – although perhaps not quite ‘closed’ enough!

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BMW E30 M3 is NOT the GoaT!

The original M3 is undeniably a legend, but is it really the best of its kind?

Oh… er… hi there… I see you’ve got your BMW M-Sport hoodie on there. Nice.

So um… BEHOLD the iconic original BMW M3 based on the classic hewn-from-Vibranium E30 3 Series, that vanquished fields of touring car competitors, slew its Mercedes 190E arch nemesis, and has ever since sat on the thrown of most-wanted modern classic BMW.

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