From LJK Setright to BrownCarGuy

Via Car Magazine and Motoring Middle East – beating the odds

A few days ago, Motoring Middle East, which is an automotive news media channel across YouTube and social media platforms, but based in Dubai, celebrated its 9th birthday. Why is that significant? Because in 2011, along with Imthishan Giado, I co-founded β€˜MME’, as we came to call it.

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The First Car Review… got me arrested!

From a Volvo test car to a Volvo Police car – it didn’t quite go to plan

The first car review Volvo 740 GLE

I’ve been writing about cars and the car industry for nearly 30 years and exactly 29 years ago, on 30 August 1989, my first ever car review was published in The Saudi Gazette. And only now am I revealing that it nearly got me jailed!

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