Ian Cox: Kalashnikovs to Karaoke, confessions of a Dubai Pro Driver!

Handling drives, DJ-ings and the occasional ding in Dubai – latest episode of Browncarguy & Buddies

In the latest in my series where I catch up with friends and colleagues from around the world, I chat to Ian Cox who’s been in the United Arab Emirates for over a decade and is a man of many talents – a DJ, Quiz host, Karaoke entertainer, and pro-driver involved with track days and car manufacturer drive events on road and track for VIPs, tourists and of course the media.

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Live Car Quiz!

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 22032020 #BCGDaily

Since were all stuck at home now I thought it would be fun to run a live car quiz on Instagram Live – follow Instagram.com/ShahzadSheikh – here’s the full video.
How many of these questions did you know the answer to?

#StayHome #StayAtHome

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