Black Automotive History (for Black History Month)

Looking at the extraordinary black people that played a part in automotive and motor racing history

Welcome to my latest Bulletin video, and being this is Black History Month in the UK, I thought I’d look at black automotive history. The trouble is, you do have to go digging to find it, and some is perhaps more contemporary than historical, but there are significant events and people stretching right back to the earliest days of mass motoring to talk about.

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Get finance to go racing with Santander and Caterham

Santandar financing offer enables you to go racing in a Caterham

Fancy youself as a racing driver, but don’t know how to pay for a full season of racing on UK circuits? Caterham and Santander Consumer Finance have teamed up to provide a unique opportunity for wannabe racers.

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5 reasons why UAE media won’t support Motorsport

And it’s not all their fault either – organisers need to take heed

I often get asked why media here in the UAE, even automotive media, doesn’t appear to support Motorsport. It’s very simple:

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