Last Call for Car Journos

I read a comment on Facebook somewhere recently: ‘they’re falling like flies’. And I flinched for a moment, because the flies being referred to, was us. But it’s not too late to save our species though.

Falling like flies

On a wider scale, we’re seeing the erosion of real quality journalism with unfortunate consequences on real world events that will impact us all sooner or later. But I’ve written about all that elsewhere. Today I want to micro this down to automotive media, and further zero-in on our region.

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Life with a 2016 Toyota Prius in Dubai

I did a long term test with a Toyota Prius, running it for a month in Dubai. There’s a lot of skepticism about this car in our region, but the thing that’s important to remember about the Prius is that it’s not just a hybrid, it’s actually a very good, practical, enjoyable and thrifty daily driver.


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Why the best job in the world, is the toughest job in the world

On the right of this page, you’ll see my personal Instagram feed. Scroll through that and it probably won’t come as a surprise to you that those of us that do the sort of work that I mainly do (that of automotive journalist), are more than frequently assaulted with plaudits like:

sleepy at work

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