Walkaround – The British Motor Show 2022

Mike Brewer shouts, Tiff Needell protests & Paul Swift breaks records!

Quick walk-around and taster of the 2022 British Motor Show at Farnborough International Exhibition Centre that started today and runs till Sunday – I’m hosting the Tech Theatre in Hall 2 (the Elmo Electric Car Hall) over the next few days (come and see me!!). This gives you just a flavour of what the show is like, but there is lots of exciting hands-on stuff to do and see at this spectacular event. #BCGBritishMotorShow

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2022 British Motor Show Full Preview 18-21 Aug

And I’ll be back again hosting the Tech Theatre – plus all the Cars, Stars & Tons of Fun Stuff to Do & See!

Following on from the huge success of the inaugural rebooted British Motor Show in August this year, plans have been firmed up and details announced for the even bigger and more action-packed 2022 British Motor Show which will take place 18-21 August 2022. And I’ll be back hosting the Tech Theatre now with even more info and events.

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Andy Entwistle,CEO The British Motor Show: ‘I Will Reinvent Motor Shows!’

Interview with the Boss of the British Motor Show

Andy Entwistle is the CEO of The British Motor Show. With a massive reboot originally planned for this year, but now delayed to 2021 due to COVID-19, he promises to completely reinvent Motor Shows. And with over 20 years experience in the automotive industry, involved in all aspects from car sales, customer service, online retailing, media content, events and managing the London Motor Show, he is well equipped and well placed to do so. But he’s not entirely without issues, he has a habit, a compulsive and expensive one, somethine he still hasn’t sought help for… he is a serial car buyer. Andy has owned over 150 cars including a Porsche 993 (911) widebody, a Clio Williams and a Nissan Elgrand. He opens up about it in this video!

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Throwback Thursday – Bentley Boy!

Sitting in Bentley Conti R at the British Motor Show

#ThrowBackThursday – been thinking about Motor Shows and how I loved them so much, memorable moments like this certainly contributed. Checking out, and sitting in (!) the Bentley Continental R sometime in the 1990s at the British Motor Show. Read my new British Motor Show coverage in my previous post here! More like this #SSMemoirs

The London Motor Show 2019 in Under a Minute!

Here’s a walkaround of the London Motor Show in under a minute!

It’s on till Sunday, go check it out. There’s also a live stage with Mike Brewer & Tiff Needell, as well as Caterham Drift Taxis and stunts by Paul Swift in the Live Action Arena.

Are Motor Shows Dead?

What happened to all the new car launches?

I’m staring at the online media page specifically for car journalists. I’m hitting the refresh button every few seconds hoping to see more news stories on the feed. I’m waiting for the deluge of concept car reveal images and new car launch press releases. Two days later I’m still waiting. Perhaps I should log off now?

The only really significant new car launch at this year’s Paris Motor Show was the BMW 3 Series

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