2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge Edition Review

Are you bad enough for Black Badge?

Are you filthy rich and villainous? Then read on. Otherwise, pfft, just go look at the ‘regular’ Ghost. You’re not quite elite enough to contemplate this lady in black.   

About that though, the all-new second generation Rolls-Royce Ghost was launched last year, and in a major departure, unlike its predecessor, was based not on the BMW 7-Series, but instead shared its platform with in-house siblings, the flagship Phantom and the Cullinan luxury SUV. Admittedly, like those other Rolls-Royce motor cars, its power unit is from BMW (which owns Rolls-Royce), though it’s no less than a V12 engine with a 6.75-litre cubic capacity. 

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Most financed Supercar of 2019 is…

JBR Capital reveals the most financed supercars of the past year

You know, rich people don’t just rock up to luxury car showrooms with a briefcase full of money to buy the latest, most expensive exotica – well actually some do – but most need finance just like you and me. JBR Capital specialises in high-end vehicle financing and has revealed a few interesting trends from 2019.

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My video review of the Speedback Silverstone Edition

My exclusive review of the 601bhp, £620,000 hand-built David Brown Automotive Speedback Silverstone

It’s a limited edition sister car to the Speedback GT that was introduced five years ago – a hand made, coach built performance grand tourer based on a Jaguar XKR platform and drivetrain. The Silverstone represents the company’s move to its new headquarters opposite Silverstone Race Circuit. Beautifully built, enticingly expensive, remarkably rare – only 10 of the 100 Speedback series cars will be Silverstone editions. And I’ve driven one!

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