How to look after your car in the Lockdown

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 07042020 #BCGDaily

You can either only use your car for essential journeys or not at all – how can you look after it whilst it’s not being used? I reveal the best tips and advice in this video. Please subscribe to my channel for more videos like this.

Coronavirus could cut Car-related Deaths

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 02042020 #BCGDaily

In this video I try to work out how many lives could be saved by the reduction in car use around the world due to the lockdown. It’s pretty staggering, but potentially there are lot more lives that will be saved due to another side-effect of the lockdown. Could they actually outweigh the tragic loss of lives the pandemic is causing? It might need better mathmaticians / statisticians / research analysts than me to figure it out though.

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