Flood Rescue! Omni Karting Circuit Clean Up

Plus Exclusive News on New Karts

The recent monsoon rains in Pakistan, left the Omni Karting Circuit under a foot of water for a couple of days, there’s been a herculean effort to clean it up over the last nearly two-weeks by Dr Ovais Naqvi and his team. In this video they explain what happened, how they’ve cleaned the track and some exclusive news on new karts!

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Pakistan Race Circuit

A Dream that CAme True

Quick preview of the brand-new Omni Karting Circuit in Karachi, Pakistan, currently being finished. A full video featuring a lap of the track and interview with the visionary and founder of the track, Dr Syed Ovais Naqvi, is coming soon. Stay tuned, subscribe and turn out notifications! Omni track https://www.facebook.com/omnikartingcircuit

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