Excerpt: The Camelball Run

A peek at some passages from a novel I’m working on – for more check out my Patreon!

1.1 Supercar Sheikha

The tall statuesque girl stood majestically by the side of the road. A blowing shamal pressed the thin almost sheer black robe against her body, revealing her voluptuous contours, crevices and peaks and implanting a suggestion, in the minds of those that might already be predisposed to such illicit fantasies (in other words they have a dirty mind), that she was perhaps devoid of any additional garments beneath. The chiffon veil masking the lower part of her face tantalisingly stretched over a full pair of lips perfectly formed into just enough of a parted pout that it was sensual and not laughable. Between that and the billowing head scarf, all that was revealed of her face were dark jewel-like eyes shining fiercely and framed by perfectly contoured eyebrows.

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When Allah Got Banned

A day, sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Even though he was completely alone in his apartment, when the man stepped out of the bathroom, he looked left and right down his own corridor. Not satisfied he checked every room, and switched off the lights.

Muslim ban story

In his bedroom he shut and locked the door, switched off the television and covered it with a black cloth, then he closed his laptop, put his smart phone and tablet in a drawer and closed it. Finally he walked over to the windows and drew the already closed curtains even tighter.

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A mass culling in the future will become necessary for our survival?

A document from the future reveals that radical and horrific measures will be needed in order to ensure the long-term survival of the human race. What’s worst – whether they are carried out or not, won’t even be up to us!


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