Forget Supercars – get one of these!

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Each week a new supercar or hypercar drops with ridiculous horsepower, shocking 0-60
times and absurd price tags – but just how relevant are they? Should manufacturers instead
be focussing on creating more accessible sports cars for those that really love driving and
could afford. Link to my latest DriveTribe feature I mentioned

A third of drivers clueless about the tech on their cars | Brown Car Guy 25022020

The avalanche of gadgets and gismos in modern motors is leaving owners flummoxed

According a study carried out by the reborn British Motor Show (click here to read all about it), which returns this August, more than a third (35%) of car owners don’t understand the technological features in their cars, and hence don’t use them. And it’s not entirely their fault – over 70% reveal that the features were not properly explained by the salespeople that sold them the car (probably because they didn’t know either!).

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Out of control in BMW M2 – Track confessions!

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 07022020 #BCGDaily

What’s it like to completely lose it at the wheel of a BMW M2 Competition at Yas Marina Circuit. Well lose it in one sense. I have spun on track – I confess. Plus we must be wary of and stop demonising the car. See M2 Instagram video I mentioned by clicking here. 

It’s official: BMW Drivers are Dicks! Brown Car Guy Update 06022020

Latest update from Shahzad Sheikh AKA Brown Car Guy

If you drive a performance or luxury German car such as a BMW, Mercedes or Audi, you’re an asshole – according to an actual study! Do you agree? Let me have your feedback! – please follow/subscribe #BCGDaily #BCGBMW330e