New retro-themed Caterham Super Seven 1600

135bhp Seven is a throwback to the Seventies!

There can never be enough Caterhams and once you’ve tasted the purest form of road driving there is, you’ll never want them to stop coming out with new editions – so here’s the latest, which is actually a throwback Caterham Seven.

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Forget Supercars – get one of these!

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 16032020 #BCGDaily

Each week a new supercar or hypercar drops with ridiculous horsepower, shocking 0-60
times and absurd price tags – but just how relevant are they? Should manufacturers instead
be focussing on creating more accessible sports cars for those that really love driving and
could afford. Link to my latest DriveTribe feature I mentioned

Get finance to go racing with Santander and Caterham

Santandar financing offer enables you to go racing in a Caterham

Fancy youself as a racing driver, but don’t know how to pay for a full season of racing on UK circuits? Caterham and Santander Consumer Finance have teamed up to provide a unique opportunity for wannabe racers.

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Flashback – London Motor Show 1995

Found my old coverage of the 1995 London Motor Show

Found this in my old files – it was a proofing copy of coverage I did of the 1995 London Motor Show for a fledgling but short-lived Pakistani car magazine – ‘Motoring’ by Tausif Agha published in Karachi.

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We build Lego Caterham 7 620R

Expert Lego builder – my daughter – builds the latest car kit from Lego and then gets a ride in the real thing

It was fantastic of Caterham & Performance PR in the UK to dispatch the latest from Lego in car kits – the new Caterham Seven 620R – just for me. Of course as soon as I got it, I knew there’d be trouble at home.

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