Rousing Speech for Car Meets!

Feel free to copy and reuse this!

Back in 2013 for our last Motoring Middle East Car Meet in Dubai’s Festival City, we had poured all our efforts into creating a well-organised event, and as such had a large contingent of volunteers and staff helping us out. For a pre-event briefing I prepared and delivered a speech to rally the troops and get them in the mood.

MME Car Meet Speech 2013

The speech was never reproduced anywhere else, but I came across it recently on my computer. So here it is, published for the first time. And with the new Car Meet season soon upon us here in the Middle East, I welcome and invite all organisers to reuse it for their own events. Believe me, I know what it’s like. Good luck!

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The problem with Car Meets

6 reasons we’re not doing them anymore

6 problems with doing Car Meets

I suppose we should really be flattered. Exactly two years – yes a whole TWO years – after our last big car meet (MME Meet 13 at Dubai Festival City – read about it here) people still ask us when our next Meet will be. And they’re usually disappointed with the response.

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