Afro Classics Monthly Meet in Peckham!

#BCGEvents – nice to get out and cover car events, especially cool car meets like this

Met up with Kevin Haggarthy to attend the Afro Classics Register monthly meet up and drive from Pekham to Blackheath yesterday. Eclectic mix of cars – and characters! Great music, good fun, fun day! See pictures below.

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FuelFest UK 2019 – Interview with Cody Walker!

Check out my video coverage from FuelFest featuring Cody Walker and Tyrese

Just over a week ago I attended the first ever UK edition of FuelFest, a car meet and show organised by Cody Walker, brother of the late Paul Walker, star of the Fast & Furious franchise. Cody founded the event in honour of his brother and to raise funds for, and continue the work of, the Charity founded by Paul – Reach Out WorldWide (ROWW).

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See Fast & Furious stars Tyrese and Cody Walker at FuelFest UK

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The spectacular FuelFest car show founded by Hollywood star Cody Walker is hitting the UK for one-day only on Sunday 11 August 2019 at the Historic Warren Estate in Woodham Walter, Maldon.

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Are Motor Shows Dead?

What happened to all the new car launches?

I’m staring at the online media page specifically for car journalists. I’m hitting the refresh button every few seconds hoping to see more news stories on the feed. I’m waiting for the deluge of concept car reveal images and new car launch press releases. Two days later I’m still waiting. Perhaps I should log off now?

The only really significant new car launch at this year’s Paris Motor Show was the BMW 3 Series

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The problem with Car Meets

6 reasons we’re not doing them anymore

6 problems with doing Car Meets

I suppose we should really be flattered. Exactly two years – yes a whole TWO years – after our last big car meet (MME Meet 13 at Dubai Festival City – read about it here) people still ask us when our next Meet will be. And they’re usually disappointed with the response.

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