What cars would Star Trek characters drive?

2021 Star Trek Day – 8 September

Happy Star Trek Day! To celebrate I’m looking at what cars would Star Trek’s most famous characters drive? If they drove, because they don’t need to, because of course they have transporters! What would Kirk, Picard and even Q or the Gorn Captain drive? Who’d have a Raptor, M2 Competition or Nissan GTR? Find out in this video, to mark the day that Star Trek the Original Series was first broadcast – 8th September 1966. And let me know what you think these or other characters from across the Star Trek universe would drive in the comments below!

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3 things that make ComicCon great! (MEFCC 2015)

The Middle East Film and Comic Con has exploded into one of the most spectacular events in Dubai, and a mainstay in the annual calendar, after just four years. Here’s what makes it great.

Cosplay Cat Woman Middle East Film & Comic Con

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