The Terrible Twenty-Tens

It’s going to take at least a decade for this cycle of prejudice, fear, resentment and hate to run its course. That’s if there isn’t a World War first of course. In which case we’ll all be dead soon anyway.

Terrible Twenty-Tens

Trump’s election is being compared to the rise of fascism and Hitler in Germany. But Trump and Brexit are the symptoms of the same social malaise – frustration, helplessness, resentment and hopelessness brought about by the apocalyptic economic avalanche of 2007, that’s still reverberating today – perhaps moreso than ever this year in particular.

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Outsource Number 10

Britain’s leadership is in disarray. And nobody looks solid enough to step up to the crease. Maybe the country should get an immigrant in to do the job that no Brit clearly wants.  I hear there’s a good candidate that will become free in November. He has a lot of experience and a proven track record.

job seeker

Imagine if… Oh the irony! 😉

Does Brexit = Racial Intolerance? I pray not!

Let’s NOT do the Time Warp Again – cause the 1970s sucked if you were a ‘Paki’ in London. And I should know, because I was.

Race hate in Britain

This about to get deeply personal. So much so that I’m not even sure I should publish this, and might well delete it shortly.

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