Review: BMW X6

Does a BMW heart still beat beneath all that bulk?

The new X6 arrived this year in the wake of the all-new X5 introduced in 2019. Now in its third generation, this is the ‘coupe’ version of its more traditionally upright and uptight SUV sibling – the so-serious X5. However the X6 eschews the much-trodden path of merely taking a grinder to the upper rear of a boxy SUV, and not stepping back until the rear roof has been squashed and reshaped into a more flowing profile – AKA the fastback boot.

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BMW X6 Review

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Review of the new BMW X6 – the one with the huge grille, crystal-like gear shifter and the fastback style. Big, practical, luxurious and costly, does it still drive like a BMW? This review was filmed before the lockdown – way back in December actually!

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