Hyundai Ioniq 5 Review

nod to the past, glimpse of the future

When the Hyundai Ioniq 5 was introduced just over a year ago, jaws dropped. This all-new, all-electric crossover referenced Hyundai’s inaugural production car, and indeed South Korea’s first car, the Pony, from 1975. Squint and you’ll recognise the proportions and silhouette, the sharp edges, blunt front and rear ends, and the early hatchback style. 

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Revealed! Jaxeri Nur-E 75

Pakistan launches first indigenous electric on 75th Independence Day

Exclusive in Pakistan! Brand new all-new first ever indigenous electric car EV designed, developed, engineered and tested in Pakistan, unveiled on 75th Independence day of Pakistan. Honoured to have witnessed this. Full details to come in a full video soon, currently in development and testing, plans are to make it available by 2025. This is the DICE developed Jaxeri Nur-E 75

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2023 Nissan Ariya Review 

Second Full EV from Japanese Electric Car Pioneer

The Nissan Leaf, launched back in 2010, marked Nissan out as one of the major pioneers in real-world electric cars, particularly as a mainstream manufacturer. And it’s since become one of the world’s best-selling EVs, with around 600,000 sold in the dozen years it’s been around. Its air-cooled battery packs have become highly sought-after for everything from home power-reserve banks to conversions of classic cars to electric. 

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