The Cars that could’ve been the Stars – plus a Fridge!

Check out the alternative timeline movie and TV posters

In some classic movies and TV shows, the cars became as big, if not bigger, icons than the human stars. Now we can’t imagine those films without the famous cars – well actually Bristol Street Motors can. It’s dug out the vehicles that might originally have featured, and created posters revealing the would-be alternatives. Some of the cars are quite surprising, but none moreso than the fridge!

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Post Opulence Rolls-Royce & Post-Pandemic VW + how Mr Fusion & Atomic batteries could save the world!

28072020 #BCGBulletin – an open letter from the Boss of Rolls-Royce, what Volkswagen thinks the future of transport will look like, plus Star Trek, Back to the Future and Batman!

  • All-new Rolls-Royce Ghost is on the way – and the CEO has written an open letter but ‘post-opulence’.
  • Volkswagen gives its insights into what a post-COVID-19 world of transport might look like.
  • A new Institute in the UK will dream up new innovations in motoring and engineering.
  • Lorries that think they’re trams – is that a good idea?

What an intelligent Superhero movie looks like

2008’s The Dark Knight is the superhero movie we need, not the one we deserve

The Dark Knight

I’ve just been rewatching 2008’s The Dark Knight, the middle one of the Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale Batman trilogy and featuring Heath Ledger as The Joker. And in the context of the last few superhero movies I’ve seen (Suicide Squad, Batman V Superman and yes even Civil War) all crude eye-popping popcorn-fodder, The Dark Knight is Citizen Kane meets The Godfather.

Let me explain.

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