From LJK Setright to BrownCarGuy

Via Car Magazine and Motoring Middle East – beating the odds

A few days ago, Motoring Middle East, which is an automotive news media channel across YouTube and social media platforms, but based in Dubai, celebrated its 9th birthday. Why is that significant? Because in 2011, along with Imthishan Giado, I co-founded β€˜MME’, as we came to call it.

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I nearly drowned reviewing this car!

Almost taking two of my mates with me – but I maintain it was their fault anyway!

I nearly drowned reviewing this car!

Back in 1991, two years on from my very first car review (the one that got me arrested) I reviewed this actual GMC Jimmy S-15. And this time I nearly drowned in it, along with two of my best buddies, who will remain unnamed even though if we had met our watery demise it would have been on them – I was only the numpty behind the wheel after all!

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