I Was Tested on Cars on Behind The Wheel Life Podcast!

Honoured to have been invited to appear on the inaugural Behind The Wheel Life In-Person podcast

We end up chatting about: Why as parents, we should be more supportive of our kids’ creative aspirations; How the automotive journalism industry has evolved; What it’s REALLY like to be a motoring journalist, behind the scenes; What does it take to succeed in the motoring journalism space; PLUS, we have our first ever, “Star on a very reasonably priced sofa” quiz. How many questions do I get right in 3 minutes? 😲🤦🏽‍♂️ Watch now to find out.

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2023 Kia XCeed Updates Review 

Going Green in Kia’s Third Best-Selling Car

The Kia XCeed may be part of the Ceed lineup – think of it as the crossover, body-on-stilts version of the Ceed hatchback (though only the front door panels are shared), but it’s actually also the dominant force. It has lead sales not only in the Ceed/XCeed range since it was introduced in 2019, but has surged to take the third best-selling spot in the entire Kia UK portfolio, behind the Sportage and Niro. That’s almost 10% of the company’s sales. 

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Diversity in Automotive!

I’m the BrownCarGuy and I support Diversity in Automotive

I’m the BrownCarGuy and I support Diversity in Automotive. In fact, I want to do more than that, I want to highlight it, encourage it and celebrate it! Here are some friends who also feel the same. To encourage inclusivity when it comes to the automotive sphere, I wonder if we need some new platform or event to elevate it?

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‘OutRun’ Topless Testarossa

‘OutRun’ Ferrari Testarossa Spider in Arcade Game Homage Film by Sotheby’s 🤩

Sotheby’s is offering a topless Ferrari Testarossa for sale! Only one Testarossa Spider was ever made by the factory for Fiat boss, Gianni Agnelli. But Design House Pininfarina built several including seven made for Brunei Royalty. A Topless Testarossa was made famous by hit the 1980s arcade game ‘OutRun’. RM Sotheby’s actually produced this film as homage to that legendary computer game. They used this 1990 Ferrari Testarossa Pininfarina Spider ‘Special Production’. It will be offered for sale in London on 5th November. This film is probably the most workout it’s had in its 32-year life, as it’s one-owner with less than 500km. Even so, it underwent 177,000 Euro worth of restoration work by Pininfarina and Zanasi recently. It’s estimated to sell for £1.4m-1.8m.

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