Arnie, Knight Rider & BMW i Vision Dee!

Talking cars from the future, or classics and romance from the past?

BMW uploaded this video three days ago to promote the reveal of its latest concept car the i Vision Dee. It features a futuristic concept car arguing with Arnold Schwarzenegger, a young romance, and a cameo from David Hasselhoff back in the black T-Top Trans Am as the Knight Rider. It’s a bit weird frankly. 

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Motoring Annual 2022-23

What’s been happening in the world of cars and peeking into the future!

With the Pandemic seemingly under control, the motor industry was still trying to find its feet again after being virtually shut down for the previous years, but there were more shocks to come. Hopes that severe supply shortages due to a lack of computer chip components, would abate, were quickly dashed when Russia invaded Ukraine and scarcity hit even harder. Aluminium and steel supplies were also reduced. 

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