Wembley Petrolheadonism Underground Preview Defies ULEZ πŸ˜²

Preview to a massive new car event coming to Wembley in April

Standby, massive motors will be causing mayhem in Wembley this April (15-16th) with Petrolheadonism’s first London event, Petrolheadonism Underground. Yesterday they were filming an anti-ULEZ promo atop one of the Wembley Park car parks, and I joined them in the BCG BMW E30. Find out all about the event with organiser Ciro Ciampi in this video, plus a snapshot of what’s to come in April. Tickets here!

Petrolheadonism Underground is a car show to be held the gigantic coach parks around the globally recognised and iconic Wembley Stadium 15-16 April 2023.

Up to 10,000 people are expected per day and to see over 1,000 cars, including Supercars, Classics, Americana, JDM, Retro Rides, Highly Modified Cars and more.

Automotive Celebrities and Influencers will be mixing in with like-minded enthusiasts – Shmee150 will be displaying a selection of his vast collection of cars as well as offering free Meet & Greet’s and appearing on the Live Stage for a daily interview. Joined by a cool group of similarly popular Petrolheads including Helen Stanley, Auto Alex, Adam C, Mark McCann, Ratarossa, Sam Hard, Mark & Nicco Filimize with more to be added.

There will be a Fast & Furious Line Up of Movie Screen legends and Need For Speed Tributes as well as Japanese Domestic Market cars (JDM) which will give that Tokyo Drift style vibe with Classics, Retro and Modern Modified. From veritable classics to the Retro rides and a huge display celebrating the Max Power Era as well as the Supercars and a sprinkle of Hypercars.

From Child & Adult General Admission Tickets to Family Tickets and Full Weekend Entry, you can find full ticket details and book at www.petrolheadonism.club

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