6% Tube Fare Rise in ULEZ-hit London ðŸ˜¡

More brilliant news for Londoners yesterday.

Mayor Sadiq Khan announced he’s increasing London transport fare prices by 5.9%, a bit more than the 4% originally mooted last year.

Considering he’s also confirmed he will expand the ULEZ zone to the whole of Greater London, meaning a 12.50 charge to drive a non-ULEZ compliant car, this is just another hefty hit on the pocket of Londoners who live on a budget. So for example, if my calculations are correct, from where I am in zone 4, to travel to zone 1 during peak time sees my one-way fare rise from £4.30 to £4.56. On the way back it rises from £3.10 to £3.29 That would work out to £7.85 That ain’t cheap. The trouble is if you drive into central London you’ll pay £15 for congestion charging, and if you have a non-ULEZ compliant car, it’s another £12.50. However, if you do have a ULEZ-compliant car and aren’t going into the congestion zone, or if you have an electric car, then you don’t have to pay congestion charging either – for now, and make sure you register it first online. All you’d have to worry about then is parking. So much encouraging people to use public transport.

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  1. Hello, we can’t see the stop ulez leaflet or flyer on your events section, any idea where to find it other than the end of the video


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